On the weekend of 13th and 14th of June hundreds of young footballers from care homes from all around the world came to Warsaw in Poland to take part in an exceptional football tournament - Hope for Mundial.
Players, although they were from different countries, experienced the same emotions (excitement, sadness because of losing a match or the joy of victory) and felt like a real stars of football and that feeling, they will always remember.
This is official video made for Disney XD

Format: 2x Arri Amira, Sony F55; Apple Pro Res 4444, XAVC-I
Lenses: Fujinon 19-90, Arri Alura 45-250, Canon Cine Servo 17-120

DoP : Tadeusz Kieniewicz
Directed by : Marcin Starzecki
2nd camera operator: Mateusz Wołoczko
Steadicam: Sebastian Stawowczyk
1st AC's: Jan Sadowski, Łukasz Skwara
2nd AC: Tomasz Wnorowski
Edit and Sound Design : Kuba Tomaszewicz

Producer : Tomasz Gaj Workshop Films
Production : Workshop Films for Disney XD